Throughout a sense of sight  A performers and viewers are connecting by seeing each other. However, what will happen if we are looking each other as well as holding and looking through a camera in each other's hands. 


<Layers> is an interactive art piece based on a question about the term 'layer' which is technically used in a visual/graphic art works. In  a process of organising her visual art exhibition <A Diary of A Modern Nomad>, Sung found that ordering objects in several layers on the computer screen is the way people see the objects through their sight. 

The world we see is not flat, there is distance and depth among objects, as well as the world we see through screen has, although the later could be subjective. If the opposit word of 'flat' is 'solid' in the performance art context, performer and spectator are met as the  solid objects 'on' the three dimensional world. What if the both are holding a video camera and accumulate frames of them 'in' that three dimensional world what we call 'screen', the where is the solid point of meeting the performer and spectator? Where are we connecte, eyes? screens? or lenses?