Lost you for a sec

Lost you for a sec is a new and international collaboration between Sam Pardes, EunJi Sung and Paul Hughes. Meeting through their training in dance (MFA Choreography,University of Roehampton), their individual artistic practices work beyond live stage performance to include a broad range of materials, to which they apply an expanded choreographic consideration of movement, organisation, affect, performance, gaze, and the body.

Lost you for a sec addresses the implicit politics that underlies their friendship: the border restrictions that prohibit them from living together, and the technological means through which they can continue to engage and support one another. Since the end of 2017, this practice has been grounded in fortnightly skype sessions in which the three meet: a sprawling, playful period of empty time - of stupid jokes, collective moaning, and technological stutters -through which they experiment with the performance and materiality of digital communications. Identifying as losers, living with their families, doubtful as to the viability or legitimacy of artistic practice and feeling perpetually exhausted, depressed, hopeless, Lost you for a sec is a critical and self-reflective interrogation of 21st century friendship and expression, that reconsiders digital technologies capacity to understand ourselvs and one another.

14.Sep.2018 Artist Residency at
Phoenix exhibiton in Leicester