Sung EunJi is a Seoul/London-based choreographer, dancer and visual artist. 

Holding an MFA in Choreography from the University of Roehampton in London (2017), her work takes place across and beyond the stage, screen, canvas, and studio.


On Dance

Why dance should be done in the work I made? 

Because my 'major' has been in dance department?

What is dance? then

If not dance, what frame can I convey with an intention?

What can be 'dancing'?

If mobility of an object has intentions, can it be 'dance'?

On the form of art 

How should the role and distance of the creator (performer) and the audience be shaped in the performance?

How will the audience produce a synesthetic way of viewing the performance?

And what format should I organize the structure?


The above questions will be questions and attitudes that creators must ask in the present and future of art, which is increasingly fragmented and at the same time blurred boundaries and balances. Through this work, I want to find clues to the questions I've been asking about as a worker and the questions I've been asking about art forms and to present them as a pleasant suggestion to today's art trends. 

Furthermore, I hope my denser approach to the role and function of space, audience and performer within the performing arts medium will serve as a catalyst to reconsider and evoke a fixed understanding within the performing arts. 

Furthermore, I would like to observe and illuminate the movement, the state of the movement, the role, the object, the timing, etc., which was my goal to achieve in 2019, to witness the spectra projected by these, and to suggest that the role/functions present in my work (the audience, the crew, the object, the point of view) will be the catalyst for the creation of another transformation

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